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A successful jewellery business is often operated by a variety of staff members that work together as a family. by Bob Shaw

Kavar Jewellers


This is exactly how Kavar Jewellers in Brampton, Ontario have been operating since 1985. Kavar Jewellers is known for selling unique, custom-designed jewellery while preserving their passion for customer satisfaction. As such, Kavar Jewellers has developed a business model and reputation that has instilled trust in their expertise, while delivering beautiful and unique jewellery reflecting finely crafted artistry.

Abraham Konialian owns one of the four locations of the Kavar Jewellers chain. His father and two uncles own the remaining three locations. The stores are located in Newmarket, Brampton, Hamilton and St. Catharines Ontario. Established in 1985, Kavar Jewellers has been in business for nearly thirty-five years. The Konialian family has created a unique retail environment where each location reflects each owners’ individuality while preserving the family’s collective traditions. Although each location shares the same name, the merchandise in each store reflects the individual style of each family member’s aesthetic, offering customers access to a large variety of styles, unique designs and price ranges.

Early on, the Konialian family realized that the jewellery business was led by manufacturers and suppliers. For some of the brothers, moving from fabrication to retail enabled them to combine both jewellery worlds and to execute a unique retail approach. “There is an art to fabricating a customer’s vision” Abraham states. “Creating exactly what they see in their mind is an absolute strength of ours.” This large gap between customer wants and expectations versus what was available on the marketplace allowed the family to not only meet demand but to innovate and envision a line of jewellery. They exceeded customer expectations with variety, creativity and unique designs, offering choices that were traditionally not accessible to the wider public.

The Konialians noticed that many consumer-based retail business models were evolving rapidly, dictated by an ever-changing customer base and the increasing influence of technology; to them, this meant that the jewellery business needed to catch up as well. The Konialians understand that the technology evolution has created a base of consumers who expect information and products immediately, yet do not want to sacrifice on quality and value. The Konialians were ready to meet these nuanced requirements. A common example is the purchase of an engagement ring. For many people, an engagement ring is often times the very first diamond purchase in one’s life. It’s an intimidating decision that may cause some anxiety. Am I making the right decision? Is the quality just right? Is the cut the best possible choice for me? No doubt, purchasing an engagement ring is a large investment for someone they deeply love and want to please.

Understanding the sensitivity that customers face when making such an important life purchase, Kavar Jewellers set out to equip customers with as much detailed information as possible to help make an informed decision about a particular diamond and design. Many customers welcome the education they get at Kavar stores. For instance, when to choose an earth-mined diamond versus a lab-grown diamond. With lab-grown diamonds being of slightly less cost, a consumer has the option to purchase a larger diamond, creating a striking setting – while earth-mined diamonds of similar carat weight will be more costly.

“Discussing these options and details with the customer leaves them feeling more cared for and supported” Konialian states. In addition, Kavar Jewellers provides a warm, comfortable environment with a “no pressure” sales consultation, allowing customers to take time with their choices and to learn about a particular style, cut or design; feeling every comfort and assurance in their final decisions.

The Kavar brand has found its success in respecting an individualized customer experience that is sensitive to the stress and emotions associated with making such an important life purchase. In addition, Kavar offers customers the option of working with artisans who can design an innovative style and made to order pieces specific to a particular customer’s tastes– delivered in about two to four weeks.

The speedy service means that most customers can get something special and unique in time for holidays or special occasions. This excites customers who are looking for a personalized touch just before a popular holiday or occasion. Male customers, in particular, appreciate that option, Konialian notes with a smile, “who are famous for leaving their gift-buying to the last minute”.

The Kavar stores have noticed more in-store customers and improved sales in tandem with the holiday seasons, “What’s exciting for us during the busy season is the increase in customer engagement. We source more loose diamonds in order to provide options; we’re always innovating new ring styles and designs”, Konialian relates. From his passion, it’s obvious that he loves the family business and that seeing customers leave satisfied with their buying experience is his mission and passion.

Having a sales team that gets along like a family is one of the reasons behind the Brampton store’s success. It’s a team that enjoys working side-by-side, makes a warm and welcoming environment for the customers and the positive environment that sales team contributes makes customers feel welcome, at ease and in no way pressured into making a purchase.

Creating a positive experience for customers is the best way to get them to refer us to their friends and family. Many of our customers come in saying they were recommended by a friend. Word of mouth shows the warm impact our staff leaves on our clients.

Konialian credits their high rate of new customers to positive referrals. When a customer leaves the store feeling good about a purchase they want to share that feeling with their friends and family.

The sales staff work hard at educating their customers on what they are buying. If the customer does not leave the store with an item, they leave with a little bit more knowledge.

Established in the mid-1980s, Kavar Brampton’s long history in the industry has earned them respect from their peers, suppliers and long-time customers. Kavar is so well regarded, that they started offering manufacturing services for local small businesses in the trade. “Some jewellery retail peers prefer our services, due to the detail and no-hassle arrangement.” Konialian credits their success and longevity to several factors. The Kavar brand recognizes that the industry is constantly evolving and they have been able to innovate and move with the times, keeping up with trends and providing many variations and styles for their wide customer base.

At the end of the day, Kavar’s entire team is committed to instilling trust and reliability in their customers and it is this foundation that has allowed them to grow their brand. To remain relevant in an ever-changing marketplace you must stay on top of the hottest trends. “Today, everyone is looking for that unique look. Everyone wants that one piece of jewellery to remind them of that special moment in their life.” Konialian states. It is the commitment to satisfaction that our staff provides our customers, that we feel will assure our place of relevance in each community we have grown to be part of. This relevance is what will move us forward in the years to come.

Customer experience:
We have so many fantastic customer experiences here. Always accommodating our customers’ needs is a strength here. I had a customer planning a surprise trip to Jamaica with his fiancee to be and decided he didn’t want an engagement ring off the shelf. As he was very particular about the clarity, colour, size and cut, I happened to have the exact diamond he was looking for (VVS2 H 1.20 Cushion Canadian Diamond). He wanted the mount to have a 1.80 MM shank with a french pave setting, and a halo set exactly at 7mm high off the finger, similar to a mount I had in stock. Different enough to have to make a new ring. The diamond he selected was on Monday evening as was leaving for Jamaica Friday morning. Therefore our new friend had to pick up his ring Thursday night which left us with three days to make the ring from scratch. Thanks to our team, we were able to start the 3D print on Monday at 11:00 pm then same day casting on Tuesday, setting and finishing on Wednesday, centre stone placement and appraisal on Thursday – back to the store for the customer to pick it up on Thursday evening. As we checked again with him a week later, she said yes! – Hard not to with a ring like that I may add.

Store Size: 2000 Square Feet (Front Showroom) 200
Square Feet: (Back Room/Workshop)
Employee Size: 8

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