Baribault Jewelers offers diamond education event for April birthstone



In school, getting a “D” is not something that a student strives for; however, in the diamond hierarchy, a D-grade is the highest honour bestowed on the popular gemstone and is very much desired by individuals.  Baribault Jewelers, a third-generation, family-owned, fine jewelry company in Glastonbury, is offering a free educational seminar on the different diamond grades on April 21st, 22nd, and 23rd in honour of the sparkly birthstone of the month.

What a great initiative!
“All diamonds are not equal!  When you look at a D-grade diamond you can see the difference in radiance right away,” said Baribault Jewelers Owner Lewis Baribault, Jr… “Since they are completely clear and colourless, they reflect the most light and create the most sparkle making them the most in-demand stones.”

Although many people assume that diamonds are transparent and colourless, Baribault emphasizes that most have a hint of colour. Their pigmentation may range from a slight tint invisible to the naked eye to darker colours that are more obvious.  D-color diamonds are often referred to as white diamonds because they truly are completely colourless both to the naked eye and under magnification, hence earning them the highest rating on the colour scale.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) developed the diamond colour grading scale in the 1950s. The Institute understood that having an objective colour spectrum would build trust when trading diamonds. The scale ranges from D to Z, starting with the stones that appear colourless even when viewed under a microscope.  Since D-color diamonds are the highest on the colour scale, they are extremely rare and only a tiny percentage are available to the public.

In business for nearly 75 years, Baribault Jewelers has established solid relationships in the diamond industry and has a proven reputation for sourcing the most special stones.  “Like any individual, each diamonds’ personality is different so the need for an expert’s eye when matching them is imperative,” adds Baribault.

For instance, creating a multi-stone tennis bracelet with all GIA-certified, D-color diamonds is extremely difficult since all of the diamonds must match exactly in colour to produce the most radiant piece. Similarly, in the case of diamond stud earrings, each pair must be matched perfectly by GIA certification and GIA gemologists’ eyes to ensure that the brilliance is compatible.

Baribault Jewelers has curated one of the largest collections of D-grade diamonds in the U.S., offering precious gemstones in engagement rings, earrings, pendants, wedding bands and bracelets with a price point starting at less than $100.

“You probably will never be able to go into any jewelry store in the world and see this many white diamonds and that’s what really sets us apart,” said Baribault.  “We’ve dedicated an entire showcase to them and are excited to make them accessible to the entire Connecticut community.”

The D-Grade Diamond Education Event will take place on April 21st, 22nd and 23rd and feature a special collection of the colourless stones, as well as a variety of hand-crafted diamonds by Tacori, an internationally renowned diamond design company, that specializes in “blooming” diamonds, a process in which a standalone diamond is encircled with smaller stones that increases the original size of the stone by up to thirty percent.

“Diamonds are without a doubt the most popular in the gem family and the options are endless in how we can create and customize diamond pieces that will make the most meaningful memories,” said Baribault.  “After all, that’s what it’s all about!”