Konstantin Chaykin’s new Genius Temporis watch to be unveiled


Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin will be unveiling its new Genius Temporis watch on November 6 at Salon QP in London. The new single-handed watch indicates minutes and is regarded as a minimalist and classic design by the brand. The design, influenced by pocket watches from the 17th century, reveals hours followed by minutes as the owner presses a button on the side of the case.

The watch was named Genius Temporis by Russian watch expert and journalist Alexey Kutkovoy, translating to “The Spirit of Our Time” in latin. Kutkovoy believed that the watch portrays the evolution of single handed watches over time, creating an echo of our perception of time. Konstantin Chaykin’s Genius Temporis watch offers the ease of pressing one button to be self-aware and speed up or slow down our lives. CJ