Lanka Jewels gives back to local community with The Stone Soup Initiative


Mission, B.C.-based Lanka Jewels has announced its involvement in the community’s Stone Soup Initiative. This charitable enterprise, which revolves around the growing issue of homelessness in the region, draws its inspiration from the old tale about the need for co-operation to create something truly amazing.

“It’s a story each of us was told as young children, but the lessons of Stone Soup have never been more pertinent than they are today,” says Paul Horn, one of the project’s leaders. “The theme of Stone Soup is at the very heart of what makes Canada and each of its communities great places to live.”

As a result, various businesses and community groups have come together to enact 35 different community actions meant to reduce homelessness. Lanka Jewels, one of these local businesses, has even donated an opulent pendant as the centrepiece for the organization’s fall fundraiser.

Horn describes the piece, which is valued at $4,000, as a “literal soup bowl of gorgeous stones” that “[captures] the stone soup metaphor.”

The pendant is available for locals to win in a raffle draw at the fundraising event on December 23. The proceeds will go to the Anything Possible program, which supports people returning to the workforce by giving them an opportunity to work in cooperative businesses.

Tickets for the draw are $20 and can be purchased at Lanka Jewels, Mission Community Services and many other community partners. CJ

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