Laval jeweller makes comeback 7 years after violent robbery


Meir Kramer of Bijouterie Geneve on Samson Boulevard in Laval, Quebec was violently attacked in his jewellery store seven years ago and now he is back at work.

But today, the 62-year old-now, is back at the store.

Sima Kramer, Meir’s wife, says that her husband has come back to work to help her out with store operations but that he is still recuperating.

On October 22, 2008, two thieves posing as customers entered the store and attached Kramer before stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth in jewels.

The incident caused severe brain damage but the jeweller is back at work, serving customers, repairing watches and serves as an inspiration for his wife and other members in the community.

Unfortunately, the two suspects remain on the loose but Laval police continue to stay on the case.CJ