Libman introduces new sales team


Shortly following Corona Jewellery Company’s takeover of Libman & Co. in December 2014, the two companies have introduced a new sales team for various regions across Canada. The three respected industry veterans that will be in charge of sales for Libman include Stewart Burritt for Alberta, Rick Clement for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and Kevin Land for Ontario.

The other territories will be serviced by existing Corona sales representatives that include Michael Bishop for Atlantic Canada, John Craft for British Columbia, and Michel Thibaudeau for Quebec. All of the contact information for these sales members can be found below.
The Libman team also welcomes Lucy Spinelli to the order desk.

In early 2014, the Martin Ross Group filed for the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) leaving the future of Libman in the unknown. Towards the end of the year, Corona revealed that it will continue to offer the entire Libman Collection to the rest of the industry, including the designs that were created and made available by Libman under Inuit Ice and the previously licensed Alfred Sung and ForeverMark labels.

The new sales team is part of Corona’s plan to revitalize the Libman brand.

Alberta – Stewart Burritt (780) 498 2087
Manitoba/Saskatchewan – Rick Clement (204) 771 7984
Ontario – Kevin Land (905) 719 8878
Atlantic Canada – Michael Bishop (902) 527-7776
British Columbia -John Craft Cell (250) 470-728
Quebec – Michel Thibaudeau (514) 978 6171
Lucy Spinelli – (416) 760-2854