LME Seminar 2016 discusses key industry issues


At this year’s London Metals Exchange (LME) Seminar, industry professionals came together to discuss the most pertinent issues facing the trade.


The flagship event, which took place at The Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, featured over 1000 delegates and industry-leading guest speakers from around the world.


Anglo American highlighted new technological advancements that will allow up to 75 per cent reductions in the use of water during the milling process. This will enable great cost savings and benefits to the environment.


Also highlighted was the surge in demand for palladium as both jewellery and an investment metal. This trend is projected to only continue.


Moniruz Zaman, president of Asia Pacific Group and CEO of Bullion Mart, spoke at the event, highlighting that in 2017, the trade can “expect the unexpected” with respect to gold/silver inventories and anticipated demand. His experience in the precious metals markets expands over many continents. With over 25 years on the leading edge on forecasting, his lecture provided invaluable depth and insight with respect to the precious metals industry.


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