LODE Stakes its Claim in the NFT Sector…



LODE Stakes its Claim in the NFT Sector with a Revolutionary Silver and Gold Bullion Marketplace

LODE  announces the upcoming launch of Bullpen.pro, the world’s first silver and gold bullion non-fungible token (“NFT”) marketplace. By leveraging blockchain technology, the best of NFTs, and its fully allocated precious metals bullion engine, LODE is developing a unique and progressive way to buy and hold physical silver and gold digitally on the blockchain.  Bullpen.pro serves a specific need for high net-worth investors, family offices, and institutional and retail investors seeking a frictionless and efficient way to acquire allocated physical silver and gold digital certificates.

Bullpen.pro is designed to provide peer-to-peer trading access to fully allocated, securely vaulted and insured silver and gold bullion in the form of an NFT.  These serialized investment-grade assets are stored in independent vaults and tokenized using LODE’s bullion engine to enable the creation of digital representations of large format, physical precious metals in the form of Electronic Silver and Gold Certificate (ESC/EGC) NFTs. These NFTs will be accessible on the decentralized Web3 Bullpen.pro Platform. Acquiring, holding, trading, and redeeming Bullpen.pro NFTs will be efficient and seamless.

By creating the world’s first collateralized NFT ecosystem, LODE addresses multiple inefficiencies in the custody of physical silver and gold. “In the near future, all real property will be tokenized. LODE is at the frontier of this massive migration to the digitalization of everything. Bullpen.pro plays a pivotal role in this migration by being the first of its kind and providing a new way for the bullion market to engage with precious metals,” said Chairman and Co-founder of LODE Project, Ian Richard Toews.

Bullpen.pro will enable silver and gold producers, institutional bullion traders, and financial institutions to enter the NFT space offering direct ownership over large format silver and gold directly to investors.  Bullpen.pro will further accelerate the sector’s growth by reducing friction/cost and transforming the industry with modern technology to improve efficiencies and access in the market.