New Era of Protection


When craftsmanship meets commerce, the significance of tailored insurance solutions cannot be overstated. Recognizing the intricate risks and unique challenges our industry faces, Private Collection Insurance has expertly crafted a beacon of security for jewellers across Canada.

As an observer and chronicler of the jewellery industry’s evolving landscape, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to examine the nuances of this innovative offering closely. Interestingly, Jewelers Block Insurance Program by Private Collection Insurance, a comprehensive program designed to meet the specialized needs of our industry.

The Jewelers Block Insurance Program by Private Collection Insurance reflects the company’s deep understanding of the industry’s dynamics. This designed program offers a wide range of benefits and features, each tailored to provide extensive coverage that addresses the multifaceted nature of jewellery businesses. From safeguarding inventory and stock, including consignment goods and goods in process, to protecting raw materials and customers’ property entrusted to businesses, this program encapsulates a holistic approach to risk management.

What sets this program apart is its comprehensive protection against a spectrum of risks, including crime and fire, ensuring that jewelers’ investments and creations are shielded from unforeseen adversities. This level of detailed coverage is a reflection of Private Collection Insurance’s expertise in underwriting, which extends to the diverse needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and even private jewellery collections.

High-Valued Item Coverage

Private Collection Insurance’s reputation as an industry leader in insuring high-valued items and collectibles is well-earned. Their approach to insurance goes beyond mere protection; it’s about enhancing the value and ensuring the legacy of the items under their care. This boutique mindset  is evident in the launch of the Jewelers Block Insurance Program, which is available across Canada, offering peace of mind to independent jewellers..

Why Independent Jewelers are Turning to Boutique Providers

The decision for independent jewelers to partner with boutique insurance providers like Private Collection Insurance comes down to the recognition of their unique needs within the industry. Traditional insurance solutions often fall short in understanding and covering the specific risks associated with jewellery businesses for a tailored coverage offered by boutique providers.

A New Era of Protection for Jewelers

The Jewelers Block Insurance Program by Private Collection Insurance marks a significant milestone in the insurance industry, particularly for jewellers seeking specialized solutions. It represents a new era of protection.