Nikia Levesque Appointed as Vice President of WJA


WJA 2024 Board of Directors: Charting a Bright Future for Women in Jewellery

The Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) has recently unveiled its 2024 Board of Directors, introducing a dynamic roster that includes five innovative new members. This announcement marks a significant milestone in the WJA’s enduring mission to empower women in the jewellery industry, fostering a culture of growth, mentorship, and leadership.

Among the notable appointments is Nikia Levesque, named as the Vice President of the WJA Foundation. With a jewelry industry career spanning nearly a decade, Levesque’s appointment is a testament to her profound dedication and remarkable track record in advancing women’s careers through leadership and innovation. Her role at the WJA Foundation is poised to make substantial contributions to the organization’s objectives, championing the advancement of women in the jewellery sector.

Susan Chandler, the President of the Women’s Jewelry Association and Chief Merchandising Officer for Citizen Watch America, expressed her excitement about Levesque’s appointment, highlighting her unique blend of industry expertise and a steadfast commitment to empowering women. Chandler’s endorsement underscores the pivotal role Levesque will play in driving the WJA Foundation’s mission forward, inspiring countless women to achieve new heights in their jewellery careers.

Levesque’s journey in the jewelry industry is a narrative of excellence and innovation. Starting her career in high school at Day’s Jewellers’ service department, she has since honed her skills across marketing strategy, brand management, social media marketing, and customer relationship management. Currently serving as the Vice President of Marketing at Day’s Jewellers, Levesque’s leadership has been instrumental in spearheading successful projects, including launching a new Shopify website and developing strategic brand partnerships. Her recognition as part of the Jewelers of America, Class of 2023, 20 Under 40, further accentuates her impact on the industry.

Reflecting on her appointment, Levesque shared her gratitude and vision for her role, emphasizing the importance of education, mentorship, and opportunities for women in the jewelry industry. Her commitment to giving back and continuing to learn from the women who have shaped the industry exemplifies the spirit of the WJA’s mission.

The WJA is also excited to welcome several new board members, each bringing diverse expertise to the organization. The appointments of Brittany Merrill, Elda Fistani, Tracey Carswell, Melissa Rodgers, and Robert J. Goldberg, alongside the advancement of Mariel Diaz and Kendra Bridelle to officer roles, reflect the WJA’s commitment to diversity and leadership within the industry.

The Women’s Jewelry Association, with a rich history spanning forty years, stands as a beacon of advancement for women in the jewellery industry. With chapters across the U.S., Mexico, and a recent expansion to Toronto, Canada, the WJA and its Foundation continue to inspire and support women in this vibrant and dynamic field. Gabrielle Grazi, WJA President-Elect and VP of Retail Strategy & Partnerships for the Natural Diamond Council, calls upon the industry to unite in support of women’s advancement, emphasizing the critical moment for collective action.

As the WJA moves forward with its new board of directors, the future looks exceptionally bright for women in jewellery. This momentous occasion not only celebrates the achievements of its members but also sets the stage for continued growth, innovation, and empowerment within the industry. Canadian jewelers and enthusiasts alike are encouraged to engage with the WJA and its foundation, contributing to a future where women’s talents and leadership are celebrated and nurtured.