Pyrrha Takes Legal Action Against Mejuri Over Trademark Infringement

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Pyrrha Design Inc., renowned for its sustainable, handcrafted jewellery, has initiated a legal battle against the Toronto-based jewellery brand, Mejuri Inc. The lawsuit focuses on Mejuri’s alleged infringement of the PYRRHA trademark through its use of the PYRA mark.

For decades, Pyrrha has been synonymous with its PYRRHA trademark in the jewellery sector. The brand emphasizes the need to safeguard the reputation and brand identity it has meticulously built over the years.

The legal documentation suggests that Mejuri’s recent unveiling of its PYRA-branded jewellery line may lead to market confusion, potentially diminishing the value of Pyrrha’s brand goodwill.

Wade Papin, co-founder and designer at Pyrrha, stated, “Our brand identity is at the heart of Pyrrha. The association of our handcrafted jewellery with the name ‘Pyrrha’ is undeniable, and it’s imperative for us to defend our brand’s reputation.”

The case has been registered in the Federal Court of Canada, located in Vancouver. Representing Pyrrha in this legal matter is the esteemed law firm, Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP.