Richline Group acquires Viawear


Richline Group has announced its acquisition of Viawear, an innovative wearables provider for jewellery brands.

“The world has embraced wearables, and we intend to provide our customers with the right jewelry products that blend seamlessly with the latest technology,” says Joel Schechter of Richline Group. “Viawear’s technology and designs compliment everything we’ve set out to achieve in the smart jewellery space.”

Viawear allows users to stay connected to their most important alerts, eliminating the need to constantly check their mobile devices. Founded in 2014, the brand offers busy men and women the opportunity to own a luxury smart accessory that is as beautiful as it is functional.

“Our objective has always been to develop a smart accessory that truly complements our wearer’s lifestyle,” says Ben Isaacson, founder and CEO of Viawear. “Blending Richline’s tremendous jewellery acumen with Viawear’s technology platform allows us to make this vision into a reality that can help drive the world of fine jewellery into the world of wearable technology,” said Ben Isaacson, Founder and CEO of Viawear.

Each Viawear piece is made with a genuine Italian leather strap, a semi-precious quartz gemstone fused with a layer of mother of pearl, and a silver, oxidized gunmetal, or yellow or rose gold case. This unique bracelet discreetly alerts its wearer to important messages through subtle vibrations and color changes.

Alerts can be customized by strength and up to 256 different colour codes. The wearer may decide which need attention, from calls, texts, apps, or even unique priority keywords. The bracelet also doubles as an activity tracker.

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