SchumacherTech offers specialized equipment for jewellery industry


SchumacherTech, a German manufacturer of machines for the production of wedding rings and jewellery, is a trusted trading partner for the international sales of new and used jewellery-making technology.


The company’s core competence lies in the production of machines and equipment for the mechanical processing of wedding rings and bracelets. It covers the entire production range from tube drawing, sawing, and turning of blanks to further processing, such as the diamond milling of surfaces and engraving.


SchumacherTech also sets high standards for both individual production and mass production, offering a range of special equipment and tools in this area. Special machine construction also plays an important role in their business, allowing its team to specifically address the wishes of its customers and work together to develop solutions.


What’s more, the manufacturers offer repairs and the general overhaul of machines.


“Our long-term experience in this market allows us to support the customers with great technical knowledge,” says Inga Schumacher, order processor and financial accountant for SchumacherTech. “Here, we offer advice and support in the construction or modernization of wedding ring productions.”


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