Scott Kay Joins GemFind’s JewelCloud


GemFind, the leading technology provider to the jewellery industry, has announced the addition of Scott Kay products to JewelCloud®, its social product network. This will allow Scott Kay to better reach its retailers and feed products straight to retail websites.

“We are fully committed to supporting our retailers with the most streamlined access by working with JewelCloud to make our brand assets easily available,” says Scott Kay brand director Kelly Kahn. “JewelCloud is a premium technology platform that will allow us to help connect with our retailers as well as showcasing Scott Kay to new potential clients in a more sophisticated, state of the art way.”

Founded in 1984, Scott Kay is a highly coveted brand for bridal rings with their distinctive and artistically designed collections. The designer’s quality products join more than 100,000 products from hundreds of the most trusted jewellers in the industry. CJ