Seiko Watch Corporation Appoints Akio Naito As New President

Mr. Naito Takes the Helm with His More-Than 30 Years' Experience with the Company



Akio Naito has been appointed President of SWC, succeeding Shuji Takahashi.  Bringing years of dedication to Seiko Watch Corporation, Naito has held leadership roles in both Australia and Japan, as well as ushering the establishments of Grand Seiko Corporation of America and Grand Seiko Europe. In his current role as Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Naito oversees international markets outside of Japan for both the Seiko and Grand Seiko businesses. Naito has greatly influenced the international subsidiaries with his financial and managerial expertise and will continue to make a great impact in his new role as President.

“With his extensive experience in a variety of roles within our organization, I am certain Mr. Naito is the right person to lead SWC in this new era that is now dawning,” said Shinji Hattori. “He and his team will make our companies, and our Seiko and Grand Seiko brands, stronger than ever in the years to come.”

Shinji Hattori, current Chairman and CEO of SWC will step down from his position as CEO and remain Chairman & Group CEO, CCO of Seiko Holdings Corporation (SHD).  Hattori will focus on the management of the entire group and ensure that it continues to make a positive contribution in the years ahead. Current SWC President Shuji Takahashi will be appointed as President of SHD in June 2021 and transition to Director of SWC.

Since its founding in 1881, Seiko has provided the world with trendsetting and innovative products and services. Recognized as a leading watchmaker, SWC continues to gain popularity and is renowned for its cutting-edge manufacturing, precision in technology and thoughtful design amongst the watch industry.

SWC and its subsidiaries worldwide welcome the management changes with enthusiasm and excitement for the future. Equipped with years of experience in the watch industry, each member of the new leadership team brings a unique perspective and skill set that will help the SWC brands thrive.

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