The Millennials Target and the Jewelry Market

In the ever-competitive market, today many independent jewelers are struggling to find customers. By Dave Gordon



With the lack of cash flow, they haven’t been able to invest in the business, or marketing, which has only contributed to the downturn.

One of the reasons for the economic change is that the industry has had to adjust to a new disruption: Millennials selecting jewelry designs from Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or other social media. What that means is a whole swath of freelance designers, all looking for their own unique piece of jewelry.

Independent jewelers have had to switch their business models, and frantically keep up with this new direction. As a result of the changes, there are now a growing number of jewelers who have turned to the custom order business, now the biggest boon for independent jewelers today.

CJ Jewels are filling that very void, helping jewelers help their Millennial customers. Highly regarded experts, they offer a 21st-century solution for jewelers who need to accommodate the new social media demographic. CJ Jewels have partnered with hundreds of jewelers across North America, all who have been highly successful with the custom order program.

The process is quite straight forward. The jeweler visits CJ Jewels’ customer order page, and one of CJ’s specialists or store partners will design a sketch based on the images sent, and the customer’s preferences.

CJ Jewels can tweak the design of the piece further if required, at no cost. Once the design and cost are approved by the customer, the customer’s ring of their dreams will be produced and shipped to the jeweler. CJ Jewels does not charge a CAD fee to jewelers when the jeweler places orders.

This seamless custom order process is CJ Jewel’s “wow factor.” It’s relatively quick, easy, simple and gives the customer precisely what they want.

Pricing is provided for all styles in 10KT, 14KT and 18KT. Diamond Quality for regular orders will be GH/SI. Pricing is also provided for items in GH/VS1.2 diamond quality.

(Standard shipping fees are $35 CDN for FedEx two-day delivery, $55 for FedEx overnight, and $70 for priority overnight. All special orders will be produced and shipped in three weeks.)

Independent and small jewelers are now competing and winning against larger enterprises, thanks to CJ Jewels.

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