The sales ceremony according to Hublot


Aware that the major asset of an excellent customer relationship is based on trust, availability and flexibility, Hublot has innovatively imagined an online digital store that perfectly complements the role and presence of its boutiques around the world.

From a technological solution developed by the brand, Hublot’s sales advisors can, in real-time and via an interactive terminal, offer customers a service that is identical to that which is existing in the physical boutiques. It’s a digital universe offering a virtual experience, one that is not alternative, but complementary to that in its points of sale. An original way of responding to a modern world that needs to be able to obtain information and answers in real time.

If the client doesn’t necessarily have a Hublot boutique nearby, or doesn’t have the time to visit the store for an introduction, Hublot offers the same experience remotely as if one were pushing open the door of a boutique. A service devoted to the customer relationship, which will accompany the discovery of Hublot watches. Hublot is maintaining the strongest connection it has with its customers, by preserving the act of purchase and the handover of the watch in situ.

In practical terms, it all begins with the Hublot website, on which every customer can ask to be connected with the Hublot Digital Boutique. The client chooses the closest boutique and is either connected in real time with a manager at the chosen boutique, or schedules an appointment for a later date. Via FaceTime or Skype, the client makes contact with one of the sales advisors and then begins to enjoy the Hublot experience. From everywhere, the client can discover in real time, directly on his or her screen, the desired product presented live. It is a real interaction that removes constraints of time or place thanks to virtual technologies. Next, the customer is invited to visit the point of sale to continue the Hublot experience. This enables the client to take all the time necessary deciding to buy the desired watch. This truly enhances the unique and human connection that binds every customer and Hublot.

Hublot is making the virtual world a complementary and essential ally for its boutique-based customer experience; the art of moving with the times and living in the here and now.

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