Tiffany to launch new lines of perfume


Tiffany & Co. will soon be expanding its wares with a new line of fragrances for both women and men.

The launch will act as an expansion on the small variety of scents it already makes via an existing deal with Chanel. The new fragrances will be sold at both Tiffany stores and at select luxury retailers.

“Fragrances are an important expression of the brand,” says Tiffany CEO Frédéric Cumenal.

Coty, a New York-based beauty company, will produce the brand’s fragrances. Coty already makes perfume for Chopard and has also worked with celebrities like Beyonce and Katy Perry.

“Tiffany’s luxury heritage lends itself perfectly to Coty’s prestige fragrance portfolio,” says Bart Becht, chairman and interim CEO at Coty. “We look forward to bringing Coty’s unique expertise to Tiffany by establishing a strong fragrance business for the brand.”

Tiffany has not yet released details on the number of fragrances the partnership will produce or what they will be called. CJ