Exceeding 2023 Edition


We are elated to extend our heartfelt gratitude and share the joyous and unparalleled success achieved at Time & Shine 2023.

The event was not just a showcase of the exquisite and unique products our industry offers but also a reflection of the unyielding strength and unity within our vibrant community. The enthusiastic participation of over 400 retailers last year was a testament to the significance of the Time & Shine Jewellery Trade Show as a pivotal gathering. These dedicated industry leaders, spanning from small-scale artisans to prominent enterprises, invested their time and passion to champion our collective goals. They rekindled old bonds and forged new, invaluable connections, reinforcing Time & Shine’s status as an essential event for business growth and personal enrichment.

In 2024, we are poised to elevate this experience even further. The Toronto edition on August 18-19 and the Edmonton edition on July 21-22 promise to be extraordinary opportunities for networking, learning, and showcasing the best of what Canadian jewellery has to offer.

The Edmonton event, centrally located for jewellers from Vancouver to Winnipeg, is particularly exciting. It offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with the vibrant community in the West, bridging distances and strengthening ties across the heart of Canada’s jewellery industry. This strategic location ensures that Time & Shine serves as a comprehensive platform for collaboration, innovation, and growth, reaching across the vast expanse of our nation.As we move forward, let us embrace these opportunities with open arms and a shared vision. Let’s continue to weave our individual stories into the rich tapestry of the Canadian jewellery industry, showcasing our unique talents and driving our industry towards new heights of global recognition and success.
Mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable journey at Time & Shine 2024. Together, we will not only celebrate our craft but also shape the future of jewellery in Canada and beyond.

We eagerly await the opportunity to create this legacy with you.

Yours truly,

Olivier Felicio