The Case of the Stolen Luxury – A Toronto Officer’s Downfall

Allegations Against Toronto Officer: The Luxury Watch and Beyond

A Toronto police officer, Const. Boris Borissov, is under scrutiny for allegedly attempting to sell a luxury watch he’s accused of taking from a deceased individual, according to prosecutors. “Brand new, original one, no box. I am asking for $9,000,” Borissov reportedly texted a prospective buyer, as stated by the prosecution. Suspended since February 2022, Borissov faces accusations of pilfering credit cards and a high-end Swiss watch from the deceased, then trying to sell a similar TAG Heuer watch to two construction workers, who testified in a Toronto court.

The workers, who had previous dealings with Borissov, buying items such as a Richard Mille watch and cigars, recounted receiving texts from him about the Swiss watch for sale. The texts included a link to an online listing for a TAG Heuer Grand Prix de Monaco Historique watch, the same model Borissov allegedly stole while investigating a Toronto man’s death.

Charged with theft, fraud, obstruction of justice, possession of property obtained by crime, and fraudulently obtaining computer services, Borissov has pled not guilty. His alleged misconduct includes using a stolen vehicle and misusing police databases.

Testimonies in court revealed Borissov’s interactions with individuals, including selling them various items before offering the TAG Heuer watch. Despite these offers, both men testified they declined to purchase the watch, priced significantly below its listed value.

Evidence presented in court included photos from the deceased man’s home, showing an empty TAG Heuer box among his belongings, suggesting a link to Borissov’s alleged attempt to sell the stolen watch. The case continues to unfold, with the court examining Borissov’s use of his police authority to commit alleged crimes, including the unauthorized use of police databases and possession of a stolen vehicle, as the prosecution builds its case against him.

Source: Toronto Star