Vancouver notices drastic increase in retail sales

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According to new data from Statistics Canada, Canadians caused an economic boost in the retail sales sector with their hankering for new phones.

In early June, new contract regulations from the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission came into effect that allowed many Canadians to opt out of three-year contract plans with minimal to no cancellation fees.

With this new consumer freedom, it appears, has come new and increased spending in the electronics sector.

On the national level, “sales at electronics and appliance stores increased 9.4 per cent in June,” said an August 21 statement from Stats Canada. “The growth was driven by stronger sales of telephones and home office electronics, which coincided with the implementation of new regulations limiting the duration of cellular telephone contracts.”

Canada also saw an overall marginal improvement in retail spending from May 2015 to June 2015. An additional $240 million were spent in this sector, growing from last June’s retail numbers by $594 million.

Vancouver especially noticed this increase, with citizens spending over $14 million more in June as compared to May. The city also had better retail sales this June than last June, with an additional $345 million being sold in the retail sector. CJ

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