Weinan Pan ethical jewellery inspired by her ancestry



Weinan Pan is a jewellery designer and craftsman from China who settled in London 13 years ago. Her handmade jewellery fits in daily-life, trips and special occasions for Urban Nomadic explorers whose adornments are an integral part of their self-expression. She graduated with Distinction from the MA Design (Jewellery) Program at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts, London in 2019. In October 2019, she took part in the very first edition of the Milano Jewelry Week, joining Artistar Jewels exhibition at Palazzo Bovara, Milan.

The Chinese jewelry designer Weinan Pan created a whole modern collection inspired by Nomadic handmade Talismans. Designed and handmade in London, Weinan Pan Unisex contemporary silver-combining-gold Jewelry collection called Nomadic Princess has an unrefined appearance that indicates nomadic journeys under different extreme environments and circumstances.

Pans family ancestry can be traced back to the ancient Khitan Nomad who inhabited areas corresponding to Heilongjiang Province, the Northeastern-most region of China and the borders with Mongolia and Siberia. She was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism at a very early age through her parents and Tibetan master monks. Since then, she has been fascinated by the Himalayan culture and nature, which influence her aesthetic and are present in her jewelry work.

Like her ancestors, she travels widely collecting experiences, artifacts and talismans to inform her ongoing nomadic journey and to connect her more closely to the spirit of nature. Pans over 2 years on-going the journey began in Tibet where she trekked Mt. Everest Base Camp and continued in the Swiss Alps and Scottish Highlands. From the research of Nomadic lifestyle under extreme conditions, Pan found an answer of how to remain peaceful and authentic in spite of obstacles: following the rules-of-nature and the wisdom of live-in-the-moment. Weinan Pan’s creations continue changing through the years: sterling silver, the main material of Pans jewelry, weathers and oxidizes, representing a sense of contentment achieved through honest reflection and appreciation for who one truly is.

With this collection, Weinan Pan encourages people to appreciate the imperfections as parts of natural beauty, because the appearances of the jewelry will continue to change with time and with wear. Firmly believing in environmental and social contribution, Pan uses only recycled silver, gold and ethically sourced gemstones. Project Nomadic Princess has Shortlisted the 2019 edition of the Tiffany & Co. x Outset Studio makers Prize.

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