What Happens in VEGAS


As promised, JCK 2017 was nothing less than lavish.

WHEN IT COMES TO JCK, what happens in Vegas definitely doesn’t have to
stay there.
This year’s show, which ran from June 5–8 at the Mandalay Bay Resort &Casino, marked JCK’s 25th year of infamy. At the show, over 30,000 of the world’s most inuential industry professionals met to discover what’s new
in the ne jewellery market, learn about issues affecting the industry, and network with peers. While a variety of topics were discussed at the event, the following were the most touched-on subjects.
Buying in
Currently, the industry is buzzing with a new demographic of buyers: self-purchasers. Stephen Lussier, CEO of Forevermark, notes that self-purchase now represents 31 per cent of the women’s diamond jewellery market—a segment that was at 24 per cent just a few years ago. To appeal to this burgeoning population, the brand announced a novel advertising campaign at JCK. The new concept, which will run until Christmas, will celebrate the female self- purchaser with emotional, call-to-action advertising.
Let’s get social
The show also brought various panels on the topics of social media,
e-marketing, and e-commerce. This was especially prevalent at a Retailer
Roundtable panel, in which industry experts discussed the need for proper,
well-researched social media marketing.
Panelists noted the importance of hiring an outside expert to work on social
media. Through their skill and understanding of these platforms, said the
group, retailers and companies can get a leg up on the competition.
Serious about synthetics
IIDGR and De Beers launched their new synthetics-detecting technology at JCK 2017, making undisclosed man-made diamonds an especially hot topic. A variety of JCK Talks focused on this subject, discussing how to detect lab grown counterfeits. That being said, a variety of companies also displayed pieces that included synthetics. This interested attending retailers, who were curious to see how these stones could impact sales. There’s no doubt about it: this year’s show was one for the books. Until next time, JCK.

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