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Rembrandt Charms
Rembrandt Charms makes manufacturing magic
by Cayla Ramey
MANUFACTURERS TEND TO FLY UNDER THE RADAR IN THIS INDUSTRY, which is something Rembrandt Charms wouldn’t be able to do if they tried. While many charm manufacturers have closed their doors over the years, Rembrandt Charms has only grown. Charm collectors and jewellery enthusiasts alike have all ocked to the versatility of the company’s charms. The dedication to both its retail customers and consumers has made Rembrandt Charms the top choice in their sector.
In Good Time
Rembrandt Jewellery was founded in Canada in 1964 by Ed Abrams, whose family is still very close to the current owners. A few years later, Chris Lux, who currently co-owns Rembrandt Charms Canada with his son Eric Lux, owned Rembrandt Charms in the U.S. Rembrandt Jewellery in Canada was sold to Johnson Matthey in the 70s, but almost a decade later the company closed its charm division. “There was a void to ll when Johnson Matthey’s Charm Division went out of business. Johnson Matthey was the primary traditional charm company in North America. There have been many charm companies in North America, but only Rembrandt Charms has stood the test of time,” shares Eric. Rembrandt Charms USA had been relying on its Canadian counterpart to supply its charms, so Chris made the necessary contacts in Canada to develop the U.S. distribution. Once Johnson Matthey closed its doors, Chris developed NUCO Manufacturing/Rembrandt Charms Canada and transitioned many of the employees that had been laid off to maintain and develop the Rembrandt name. Now, over 50 years later, Rembrandt Charms is internationally known and has never strayed from its mission.
“Our vision has remained the same throughout our existence. We supply the most complete selection of traditional, high-quality silver and gold charms. We are determined to provide the retail jeweller with unparalleled support through our products, services, and by not selling directly to consumers; most importantly, we provide the retail jeweller with our renowned Business Building Charm Program—which helps retail jewellers earn great prots through new and repeat business, but most importantly, it cultivates generations of loyal, lasting relationships,” relates Eric. Rembrandt Charms also has a multi-million dollar national consumer marketing campaign for North America, which supports brand awareness and the retailer jeweller. The Rembrandt Charms websites also direct consumers through their Retail Locator to retailers in their area who have a Rembrandt Charms Display. Canada still produces most of the U.S. product, while the U.S. team takes care of marketing and U.S. sales. Even with a team of more than 250 employees, including the U.S. team, Rembrandt Charms continues
to stay ahead of the pack.
Ahead of the pack
Many consumers these days are looking to make less of an environmental footprint by buying locally-made products. Recently, this trend has extended to the jewellery industry as well. Rembrandt Charms has managed to develop an incredible recycling program, all while maintaining the quality its known forand a high production rate. “Our entire [manufacturing] process is almost a different mindset,” says Stephan Cooper, Canadian sales manager. On any given day, the Rembrandt Charms factory is buzzing with top-of- the line equipment and dedicated employees. Using both plastic and wax moulds or machine stamps, charms are designed, created, and polished in a complex but awless process. “The technology, craftsmanship, and the employees are an important aspect. We are constantly evolving with our operation by investing in new equipment and technology,” shares Eric.
For some pieces, Rembrandt Charms makes their own silver and gold, ordering in the pure bullion pieces and adding the alloy in-house. Other pieces, depending on how it’s made, uses pre-made gold and silver. The precious metal is used two to three times, shipped out to be rened, and then reused. As well, the factory carpets are burned every few years to recycle the precious metal dust caught in the bres. Due to its dedication to recycling, Rembrandt Charms has a very strict organizational system. The precious metal is tracked by weight through a
barcode. Any time an order is lled, the waste and product is documented. This system allows the company to keep track of the product—which is necessary due to the high amount of custom orders given. Rembrandt Charms works with provinces, cities, schools, and companies through retail jewellers to create personalized charms, and sometimes pendants and earrings. Rembrandt is also the ofcial manufacturer of licensed Medic Alert bracelets.
“We have invested in people, but also in technology and in machines. Our goal isn’t to take away jobs from workers, but to do more. We buy precious metal, make the charm, get it out the door, and still have our pieces at an affordable cost, as charms are very price sensitive,” says Cooper.
Rembrandt Charms not only has a unique manufacturing system, but they also have a unique team. The members of the Rembrandt Charms team are trained in more than one area, shaking up the routine so they can approach the day with a fresh mind. “We have some of the most talented employees that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Their skillset and dedication for superior craftsmanship is simply remarkable. The attention to detail is at a level that cannot be described; often a charm is touched more than forty times before it is nished! What’s more, many of our employees are 4th and 5th generation jewelers. I look forward to each day that I work alongside my family and team,” explains Eric. The team shares a one-company mindset, which allows them to stay in sync with the operations. Their exceptional leadership, both in-house and in the jewellery industry, has made them one of the top charm manufacturers. They thrive on telling a story through their work.
“Charms are often sentimental. It’s common to see a customer service representative bursting in laughter, or sobbing from the story behind the charms that they are fullling for their customer. Some of the stories truly
pull at the heart when you learn the special meaning they hold for the charm collector,” says Eric.
Rembrandt’s quality can also be seen in the charms themselves—each piece carries a lifetime warranty, which is something the company stands behind. The charms are created using only the highest quality material and methods, making them truly stand out. Rembrandt’s attention to detail, their passion, and their undeniable leadership has helped them stand the test of time.

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