Why Retail – When Applied Correctly – Is Still Vital

by Thomas Herd



From a holistic standpoint, the brands which appear to be having the most sales success are those who utilize a thoughtful combination of targeted digital and experiential retail tactics to win over consumers.

The modern consumer – inundated with digital ads – now needs more cultivation and reassurance than ever to convert into a customer of an emerging brand.

Insightful brands aware of the reality of today’s sales funnel have thus correctly honed in on a route of building brand temperature and proofing online and then driving consumers to convenient retail points where they can physically familiarize themselves and experience the product they’ve been seeing at frequency.

A gold standard example for discerning brand owners to follow is that of Just Human. The innovative sunglass brand utilized influencer campaign salvos- which came out one wave after another (headlined by fashion icons such as Shaun Ross, Frida Assen, Natalie Off Duty, etc.) to gradually inculcate a targeted millennial fashion-forward demographic between LA and NY- and then as brand awareness/confidence began to rocket, they immediately set up pop up locations in coveted retail locations such as Naked Retail.

Naked Retail – which is known for debuting breakout trending Avante Garde brands like Just Human sunglasses- thus acts as both as a marker of distinction as well as a jump-off sales point for these brands to start to weave themselves into the real culture.

In this manner, the incisive digitally-native brand can find a pathway into a real-world success that is scientific and dependable, eliminating much of the confusion surrounding the utility of retail in the modern d to c sales climate.