Why Sponsored Content in Canadian Jeweller Magazine is the Best Option for Your Business


The Power of People Behind the Industry

When it comes to the jewellery industry, the people who drive it are as valuable as the products themselves. Canadian Jeweller Magazine focuses on celebrating these individuals, providing readers with engaging stories and insights about the professionals shaping the market. By investing in sponsored content with Canadian Jeweller Magazine, you align your brand with these influential figures, gaining credibility and trust beyond the limitations of our industry.

Unmatched Editorial Investment

Investing in sponsored content in Canadian Jeweller Magazine goes beyond just writing a story; it’s about integrating your brand, your story into compelling editorial content. This investment enhances your national media exposure through our extensive network of newswire partners. Your story gets presented to prominent news outlets seeking stories to cover, ensuring that your story reaches a broader audience and gains significant traction.

Your Brand with the Number 1 Trade Magazine

Being featured in the number 1 trade magazine in our industry gives your brand a notable advantage. When your business appears in Canadian Jeweller Magazine, it’s more likely to be noticed by key media players. We have a broad media reach, ensuring your story gets noticed by influential platforms such as: the Globe and Mail, Google News, Yahoo News, Associated Press, Bloomberg Business News, Reuter Associated Press, CBC, CBC (English Network TV, Newsworld, Radio, TV News Bureau) and many more frequently scout for stories within our pages. This extensive media coverage propels your brand to new heights, increasing visibility and recognition.

This list is just a glimpse of the extensive media partners that amplify your brand’s message. Full lists are available upon request or book a call to find out more.

Investing in sponsored content in Canadian Jeweller Magazine offers unparalleled benefits for your business. By tapping into our editorial strengths, leveraging our national media exposure, and benefiting from our extensive media partnerships, you can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and credibility. Elevate your story, reach a wider audience, and stand out in the competitive jewellery market with Canadian Jeweller Magazine.