World Diamond Council searches for new executive director


The World Diamond Council is on the hunt for a new executive director that will serve as the leader of the industry group that works to get rid of conflict diamonds. The duties for the new position will include general day-to-day management, handling the budget, membership drives, liaising with the government, deciding on strategic directions, stakeholders, among others. The position will be the first salaried administrator to date.

A minimum of 10 to 15 years of experience in administrative decisions is required for the position, as well as a minimum of five years working as a senior management. Not mandatory but beneficial qualities include experience with manufacturing, extractives, commodities, retail, specialty goods or product supply chains. Another plus is an understanding of corporate and social responsibilities, voluntary work, implementation of intergovernmental agreements, and the Kimberley Process.

“It is a position that encompasses real challenge, and also one in which an individual can bring about positive change, both in the industry and in the lives of our stakeholders,” says WDC President Edward Asscher, reported JCK Online. CJ