WorldofWatches Owner Reportedly Goes Out of Business


Swiss Watch International is a Florida company which owns sites such as WorldofWatches, eWatches, and The Watchery and owns brands such as Lucien Piccard. Local news reports the company as going out of business.
“A visit to the company’s headquarters office and warehouse at 3701 Flamingo Road on Tuesday found no employees,” said a report in the South Florida Business Journal. “A security guard said the company went out of business on Jan. 23.”

At this time, several of the company’s sites, like WorldofWatches, remain up, though that site’s customer service number has been disconnected and its Twitter feed taken down.

On Jan. 27, the company filed a WARN notice that it was laying off 129 employees.

In 2012, Clearlake Capital Group purchased the company. In the third quarter of last year, Clearlake completely exited that investment, a source said.

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