World’s largest blue star sapphire up for auction


A Sri Lankan gem trader is putting the world’s largest blue star sapphire up for auction. The egg-shaped jewel weighs 1,404.49 carats and has been authenticated as the largest of its kind by the Gemological Institute of Colombo (GIC).

The stone, known as the “Star of Adam,” is expected by the seller to go for $175 million at auction. Agence France-Presse, however, puts the price of the stone at $300 million.

“We can’t put a price on something like this,” says Ashan Amarasinghe, a gemologist at the GIC. “It is so rare, and unlike other, smaller sapphires, this is not a stone that can be replaced. This is something only collectors or museums can afford.”

As of yet, details of the auction have not been released.

“I have lived in affluence, but now I feel even more blessed,” says the owner, who has asked to remain anonymous due to the gem’s value. “This [find] has not changed my lifestyle. But, I feel thrilled to be the man owning this gem. It is good for the ego.” CJ