100% Recycled Gold – United

Suppliers like United Precious Metal Refining, Inc. provide this to their customers with every product they make from karated grain to their cadmium-free solder. These products are used in the world’s largest jewelry manufacturing companies to create fine jewelry that is then shipped to retailers around the globe.


In an age of environmental awareness, the popularity and demand for 100% recycled gold are rising.


Fine jewelry, made with 100% recycled gold is sold in retail stores and through online sales. These pieces are worn and often times passed down through generations. When the style has passed or if the piece is broken beyond repair, they end up sold to jewellers or pawnshops where they begin the process of being recycled.

Primary refiners like United Precious Metal Refining, Inc. play a key role in the process. United purchases this scrap gold from jewelry sources such as jewelry stores, pawnshops and manufacturers alike. Buying jewelry scrap allows for United to ensure that their feedstock is sourced from only jewelry sources. By not purchasing electronic scrap or mining materials, United guarantees that all their products are made with 100% recycled gold.

In addition to jewelry scrap, United also purchases byproducts from manufacturers and jewellers such as polishing dust, bench sweeps, filters, floor sweeps, blower sweeps, filings, grindings and more. United also processes carpeting, crucibles, slag and sink sludge for the recovery of precious metals. These materials are processed in house and refined to recover and refine the precious metals which ultimately are utilized in the creation of new jewelry products like wire, sheet, tube and plate in addition to fine gold and karated grain and solder. United is proud to offer 100% recycled gold and silver and are certified SCS Global Services. Their environmental commitment has been a pillar of their foundation since 1988. United also houses a waste treatment plant where they process the chemicals used in the refining process.

To learn more about United, please visit their website: www.UnitedPMR.com or call +1-716-683-8334.