AGS presents brand-new customer search tool


The American Gem Society (AGS) has launched a new tool on its Find a Jeweler search option on its website. The feature, called “Find A Professional Jeweler,” highlights credentialed industry professionals in the US while reminding consumers of the importance of shopping with qualified jewellers.

The search tool provides information about registered jewellers, including their AGS credentials; whether or not they have completed their recent recertification; and whether or not they recently attended Conclave. Visitors can hover over the icons next to the title, certification, and Conclave to read an explanation of each and its valuable place within the fine jewellery industry. This feature may be accessed via the homepage of the AGS website.

“AGS is pleased to highlight our titleholders and promote the importance of continued education and recertification,” says Ruth Batson, CEO of AGS and AGS Laboratories. “If a consumer meets a jeweller, they now have an unbiased way to learn more about that jeweller’s commitment to education, ethics and professionalism.”