Alshair Fiyaz Supports The Face-to-Face Project

by Madison Nagle



Entrepreneur and humanitarian, Alshair Fiyaz, offers a benevolent outlook for Malawi. Driven by a philosophy of inspiring and investing in the human spirit, Fiyaz founded the ALFI Foundation, a charitable organization that has supported the endeavors of making our world a better place since its incorporation in 2017. 

For years, Fiyaz invested in a range of projects designed specifically to support the development of underprivileged individuals, communities, and wildlife, and to empower social mobility, disregarding international borders and other ethnic and cultural boundaries. The ALFI Foundation believes in supporting organizations determined to influence positive change for current and future generations. Taking an entrepreneurial and multi-faceted approach to philanthropy, The ALFI Foundation considers projects and initiatives that are both positive and pragmatic. 

The ALFI Foundation has supported the New York-based Face-to-Face Project, which does vital work to raise awareness of health issues and reduce social stigma in Malawi, as well as fostering comprehensive organic farming methods to protect the environment and supporting community service projects to foster youth development.

While the projects and initiatives of The Face-to-Face Project are wide-ranging, they can be broken down into three main categories: farming, health, and youth development. For farming, they believe permaculture, or comprehensive organic farming, a regenerative and self-sustaining approach to farming, can prevent food shortages and protect the landscapes of the communities they work with. In regards to health, too many people still struggle with HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and malnutrition. They raise awareness and reduce stigma by integrating educational and preventative programming into community work. In an effort for youth development, participants in their youth groups and community centers learn leadership skills, take part in community service projects and serve as ambassadors to their peers. 

The Face-to-Face Project is on a mission to break the cycle of poverty and help communities rely on themselves. With the support of humanitarians like Alshair Fiyaz, they are one step closer to fulfilling that goal.