B.C.’s Dunnedin to acquire Nunavut’s Kahuna Diamond Project


Dunnedin Ventures Inc. is set to acquire the Kahuna Diamond Project in Nunavut, Canada. The high grade diamong project started off near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut back in 2001. Since then there has been three main diamondiferous kimberlite dikes discovered, which are Kahuna, PST, and Notch.

“This acquisition is transformative for Dunnedin and we are excited to rapidly advance this project towards feasibility through additional bulk sampling and resource definition,” CEO Chris Taylor told WSET.com. “Multiple high grade diamond bearing kimberlite dikes and proximity to tide water provide a compelling opportunity.”

Diamonds over one carat in size have been recovered from the drilling on the three main kimberlites, with the largest diamond being a 5.43 carat stone drom the Kahuna dike. Most of the diamonds are clear and colourless, with a small amount of coloured stones and a large quantity of octahedral stones. The Kahuna dike is approximately 5.5 kilometres long and two to four metres wide. CJ