Back in Black

The Men In Black returns. Blockbuster movie season is upon us, so grab some popcorn and favourite soft drink! A good movie not only transports the viewer to a special place but also influences a viewer’s lifestyle once they leave the theatre. Product placement is not a new concept but when done well, it can create a buzz equally or even more successful than the movie it was featured in.


With the release of the latest Men in Black movie, (Men in Black International), the unique and retro styled watches worn by members of the top-secret organization have become one of the highlights for watch enthusiast around the globe.

The Hamilton Ventura has played a starring role in every Men in Black movie – as key to their characters as the black suit, shades and neuralyzer. The Ventura is one of our most popular watches and has had a cult following since its original release in 1957. Since 1997, it has been a part of the iconic Men in Black uniform. Daring, pioneering and ahead of its time, it’s an eye-catching choice that has served the Agents well.

As the official watch of the M.I.B, Hamilton watches have adorned the wrists of Hollywood legends such as Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and now Liam Neeson and Chris Hemsworth strap on the timepiece on the big screen.

Since 1932, Hamilton watches have been at the heart of cinema. They have appeared in over 500 major movies and are specially selected to help define characters and advance the plot. Their watches are instantly recognizable on the wrists of some of the most memorable characters in silver screen history – none more so than the Men in Black.