Beyoncé in Custom-Made Jewellery by Messika



Six years ago a photograph of the iconic singer Beyoncé in front of the Mona Lisa “broke the Internet”. On her fingers a double Glam’Azone diamond ring from the then young and edgy French high jewellery brand Messika. But the collaboration didn’t stop there. Beyonce wore a stunning, one of a kind piece by Messika once more to the 54th Annual Super Bowl.

To celebrate the iconic moment, as well as the dozen’s of times the singer wore the brand, Beyoncé was scintillating in Messika Paris at the Big Game that took place in Miami, Florida. She wore a shining custom-made high jewellery necklace specially created by Valérie Messika.

Its design represents a musical vibration, a nod to the equalizers which oscillate on the monitors at recording studios.

The necklace, a choker perfectly fitting the angle of the neck, gives pride of place to a skillful set of chopsticks, the centre of which is dominated by a 17-carat pear diamond.

The designer chose to overturn the centre stone to accentuate the resolutely disruptive side of the piece. This is another technical feat of Valérie Messika, who affirms the versatility to wear High Jewellery day or night.

There is no person cooler than Queen B to wear such High Jewellery to the Big Game!

Beyoncé was already setting the tone for the Pre-GRAMMY Gala and GRAMMY Salute in honour of Sean “Diddy” Combs, wearing the earrings of the Diamond Equalizer set. Asymmetrical earrings with XXL ear-cuff on one side. A pear diamond of 4 carats oscillates at its end, like a metronome and on the other, a shorter version, creates a singular, almost more nervous vibration, always adorned with a pear diamond of 1.5 carats.

Inspired by the sound vibes and the singer’s incredible stage presence and persona, Valérie Messika imagined a pattern to evoke the rhythm while the central diamond is the sound.

The contrast is reinforced by a variation between baguette diamonds and round diamonds.

I dreamed of designing for Beyoncé a piece that would embody her style, while remaining faithful to the DNA of our house. B is a queen and the idea was to imagine an anarchic adornment with all these barrettes which intertwine with a sequence of baguette and round diamonds to create rhythm. But this chaos ends up finding a certain order and highlights the pear diamonds. Valérie Messika.

Credit: @Messika