Brilliant Earth Unveils Signature Collections


Brilliant Earth introduces Signature Collections featuring proprietary designs inspired by nature and exceptional craftsmanship.

Brilliant Earth has launched its Signature Collections, featuring an exquisite array of proprietary designs that celebrate exceptional craftsmanship and unique design. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, each piece in the collection embodies the elegance and wonder of nature and highlights the company’s unique and distinctive product assortment.

“These Signature Collections represent the best of our proprietary design, true to our origins as a bridal jewellery company,” said Beth Gerstein, CEO and Co-Founder at Brilliant Earth. “Designed in-house, each collection features ethically sourced Beyond Conflict Free™ diamonds with stunning settings that exemplify our artistry and craftsmanship.”

Brilliant Earth Signature Collections

The Signature Collections, including the Secret Garden, Camellia, and Olivetta collections, showcase a beautiful selection of engagement rings and wedding bands, each meticulously designed to capture nature’s beauty. From delicate floral motifs to intricate vine patterns, every piece is a testament to the company’s dedication to creating quality bridal jewellery that can be customized via Brilliant Earth’s “Design Your Own” experience. Customers can choose from Beyond Conflict Free™ natural diamonds, the most innovative lab-grown diamonds, and gemstones with any setting.

Secret Garden Collection: Elegance of Vines and Flowers
One of Brilliant Earth customers’ most beloved assortments, the Secret Garden Collection pays homage to the balance and beauty of vines and flowers. Intricate details, twisting motifs, and marquise diamond accents give the illusion of climbing leaves and buds. The collection includes the Secret Garden Diamond Ring, a JCK Jeweller’s Choice Award winner, renowned for its delicate yet impactful design.

Camellia Collection: The Bloom of Sophistication
The Camellia Collection takes direct inspiration from the bloom of its namesake flower, reimagining the stem and buds with vintage-inspired intricate beading and clustered round and marquise diamonds. The Camellia Collection offers many options for those looking for a delicate and sophisticated engagement ring or wedding band. Each piece in this collection captures the timeless beauty of the camellia flower, making it a perfect symbol of love and commitment.

Olivetta Collection: High-Impact Elegance
The Olivetta Collection embraces high-impact elegance, capturing the essence of olive trees and the warmth and serenity synonymous with their Mediterranean environments. Each ring in the collection mimics a slender branch adorned with leaves and incorporates the timeless beauty of diamonds and coloured gemstones. This collection is designed for those who appreciate the subtle beauty of nature combined with exquisite craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship and Ethical Sourcing
“The Signature Collections represent the pinnacle of our design philosophy, which is rooted in inspiration from nature,” said Omar Portigliatti Pomeri, Associate Director, Product Design and Development. “With thoughtful designs and stunning diamonds, these collections are a tribute to elevated craftsmanship and natural beauty.”

Brilliant Earth’s commitment to ethical sourcing is evident in its use of Beyond Conflict Free™ diamonds, which are carefully selected to ensure they are ethically and environmentally responsible. This dedication to sustainability and ethical practices sets Brilliant Earth apart in the jewellery industry, making it a preferred choice for conscientious consumers.

The Design Process: From Inspiration to Creation
In celebration of the craftsmanship of the Signature Collections, Brilliant Earth launched a campaign taking customers through each aspect of the in-house design process. Customers can follow every step of the journey—from the initial inspiration to the intricacies of the jewellery craft, and finally, the impeccable collections. This transparent approach allows customers to appreciate the artistry and dedication that goes into creating each piece of jewellery.

Step-by-Step Design Journey
Initial Inspiration: Each collection begins with a spark of inspiration, often drawn from the natural world. Designers at Brilliant Earth take cues from the beauty of nature, whether it’s the delicate petals of a flower or the intricate patterns of a vine.

Design and Development: Once the inspiration is established, designers create detailed sketches and renderings of the jewellery. This phase involves meticulous planning and consideration of every detail to ensure the final piece meets Brilliant Earth’s high standards of quality and beauty.

Ethical Sourcing: Sourcing materials is a critical step in the design process. Brilliant Earth ensures that all diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced, adhering to their Beyond Conflict Free™ standard. This commitment to ethical practices is a cornerstone of the company’s philosophy.

Craftsmanship: The actual creation of the jewellery is where the magic happens. Skilled artisans bring the designs to life, carefully setting each diamond and gemstone to create a piece that is not only beautiful but also a testament to exceptional craftsmanship.

Final Touches: Before the jewellery is ready for customers, it undergoes a final inspection to ensure it meets Brilliant Earth’s rigorous quality standards. This attention to detail ensures that every piece in the Signature Collections is perfect in every way.

Customization: Design Your Own Experience
One of the standout features of Brilliant Earth’s Signature Collections is the ability to customize each piece. Through the “Design Your Own” experience, customers can select their preferred diamonds or gemstones and choose from a variety of settings to create a truly unique piece of jewellery. This personalized approach allows customers to create engagement rings and wedding bands that are a perfect reflection of their individual style and taste.

Celebrating Nature’s Beauty and Exceptional Craftsmanship
Brilliant Earth’s Signature Collections are a celebration of nature’s beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece is designed with meticulous attention to detail, drawing inspiration from the natural world to create jewellery that is both beautiful and meaningful. Whether it’s the delicate floral motifs of the Secret Garden Collection, the vintage-inspired designs of the Camellia Collection, or the high-impact elegance of the Olivetta Collection, each piece is a testament to Brilliant Earth’s dedication to creating jewellery that is as unique as the love it represents.