Bullion Mart to attend gold summit in China


President and CEO of Bullion Mart, Moniruz Zaman, is attending the 9th China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2014 this week.
The summit will be a meeting point for a number of leaders in the gold and precious metals industries, the largest refiners and metal producers in the world, as well as for financial analysts from all over the world.
The purpose of the event is to gather the various representatives from these industries in North America, Europe and Asia in order for them to share their knowledge of the current state of the industry with one another.
Zaman is attending the conference as a delegate for North America on behalf of Bullion Mart and he hopes to take away a lot of new information from the other summit from the other parties in order to share it with his Canadian and U.S. clients.
“I am honoured to be sharing information with the world market leaders on behalf of Bullion Mart and to be representing Canada,” says Zaman. CJ