Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo

Charming to no end
Thomas Sabo has built up a reputation of being a prominent international lifestyle jewellery and watch brand with reach throughout the jewellery, watch and beauty markets.

by Irina Lytchak

Founded in 1984, THOMAS SABO has become a household name in Europe and having reached a milestone this year, celebrating its 30th anniversary, the brand is now set on taking over the affordable luxury market in North America.

“We have a very strong presence in Canada but in the U.S. we are just now in the process to build the internal infrastructure to expand within this important market,” explains Erwin Wieser, THOMAS SABO’s managing director for the U.S. and wholesale director for North America. “Canada is a very important market for us, where we have been present for several years with our own THOMAS SABO boutiques and a strong network of THOMAS SABO retail partners. By establishing our U.S. headquarters in New York City in 2014, we now have the infrastructure in place to focus on the expansion of the THOMAS SABO brand in this market.”

THOMAS SABO currently cooperates with more than 2,600 retail partners and runs 250 stand-alone stores worldwide, with eight of those locations operating in Canada and three more opening their doors in the coming months.The company was originally founded by THOMAS SABO and quickly gained fame for producing innovative Sterling silver jewellery within the German-speaking world. The brand’s exceptionally talented Creative Director Susanne Kölbli has been with THOMAS SABO since the early nineties.

“The main driver behind the brand is Mr. Sabo. He’s very involved in the whole design aspect,” says Wieser. “And our creative director Susanne Kölbli has worked with Mr. Sabo for the past 25 years.” Kölbli works with a team of designers to come up with the latest styles and innovative looks, constantly strengthening the brand’s signature styles and surprising with lovingly detailed creations.

Thinking outside of the box

With an inventive mind like Sabo’s behind the helm of the brand, it’s only natural that the company has aligned itself with renowned brand ambassadors over the years including the beautiful Georgia May Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger and model Jerry Hall. Georgia May is the face of the female Sterling Silver Glam & Soul and Karma Beads Collections. As the epitome of beauty, style, and rock and roll edge, she is the perfect fit for THOMAS SABO.

“She fits perfectly with our image, our design concept and represents all facets of the brand,” says Wieser. “She’s the ideal fit for us and she loves the jewellery.”

The jewellery brand also partnered up with internationally recognized Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg and talented violinist David Garrett; they are the faces of the masculine Rebel at heart campaign.

THOMAS SABO is also very involved in the world of sports by backing the THOMAS SABO Ice Tigers Nürnberg – a professional ice hockey club that plays in Germany’s premier hockey league.

The THOMAS SABO name reaches even farther when it comes to giving back. Mr. Sabo’s wife Luz Enith Sabo, who hails from Columbia, is also the chair of the THOMAS SABO Foundation, which focuses on charity projects for children and youth all over the world. More specifically, the foundation supports schools for underprivileged children in Columbia and Germany.

Reaching the retailers

Aside from the brand’s signature stylish boutiques, the brand is extremely involved in working with independent retailers around the world.

“Our wholesale business and independent jewellery partners are very important to us and play an important role in our growth strategy,” says Wieser. “We do our best season after season to develop high quality, innovative jewellery and watch collections supported by a 360 degree marketing concept to achieve the best sales results.”

In order to accommodate the retailers in the best way possible, THOMAS SABO provides an attractive promotional concept for their stores, including appealing furniture concepts that are designed to complement the varying layouts of the retail spaces.
“We offer state-of-the-art visual merchandising concepts with in store training by our sales and visual merchandising team,” explains Wieser. “With the help of our sales and visual merchandising teams, we are able to provide our retailers with visual merchandising techniques, training, and in store events.”

THOMAS SABO also stays competitive on the digital level by employing an innovative, easy-to-use online order platform where customers can download visuals of their desired jewellery pieces and effortlessly place their orders.

Style and quality go hand in hand

As a lifestyle brand, THOMAS SABO has strategized to approach the jewellery market from multiple angles. That’s why the brand’s collections encompass charms, Sterling silver, men’s jewellery, as well as watches. To add to the brand’s already flourishing charm collection, THOMAS SABO launched Karma Beads at the start of 2014 to much success.

“Our goal within the next five years is to become the leading premium lifestyle brand in the affordable luxury segment,” says Wieser. “We want to inspire our customers again and again with new creations and trends. Our product is very detailed and features craftsmanship of the highest quality.”

In a market saturated with charm jewellery products, THOMAS SABO has managed to not only survive but also to thrive with the Charm Club, which features more than 500 charm designs created with the utmost attention to detail.

“Today the charms are a very strong product line for us and we continue to launch new collections year after year,” says Wieser. “Yes, there are other brands out there that sell charms but our concept and quality is at a different level. From design and display concepts to packaging and promotion materials – we offer the full package.”

Moving forward

THOMAS SABO has built up an admirable reputation over the years and the jewellery brand is showing no signs of slowing down. With a five-year plan to conquer the affordable luxury segment in place, Wieser says that it’s the people behind the name that make it what it is today.

“I love working with our internal team and retail partners in Canada and the U.S. to further build the THOMAS SABO brand.”
And it’s that dynamic and spirit that comes through in the jewellery that’s adored by so many around the world. CJ