Canadian Jewellers Association announces new appointee as the Managing Director


Beatrice Sturtevant has been appointed as the Managing Director of the Canadian Jewellers Association.

Beatrice brings over 14 years of experience within the translation and localization industry, including management, project management, production and client service experience most recently as the Director of Operations at Alexa Translations and also Business Unit Manager for CLS Lexi-Tech, a division of Lionbridge.

Beatrice has had a distinguished career and has an excellent reputation in the industry. She managed and mentored staff, has always been regarded as a wonderful leader, overseeing and empowering her staff. She has always been passionate about her clients, always building deep relationships with her customers, the client relationship management, risk management, operational efficiency and professional development initiatives, to name a few.

Beatrice has always been focused on continuing to improve her staff and client experiences across the organizations where she worked. She has a wealth of knowledge, having extensive experience at multiple stages of the client journey, whether it be project management, quality assurance or client relationship building.