Class action suit lodged against Malartic mine

Statue of justice
Statue of justice

Yesterday, a class action lawsuit was filed against the Canadian Malartic mine. Louis Trottier, a representative of the Citizens Committee for the region, made the request on behalf of the 1,400 residents living within 800 meters of the gold mine.

The community is asking for $20 million for the mine’s infringement on their rights to the enjoyment of their property and their environment. Specifically, each resident wants to receive $3,000 per year that the mine has been open (between August 2013 and August 2016). These payments will act as reparations for the stress that the mine has caused, with individuals citing sleep problems, noise-related issues, vibration and overpressure.

The application also seeks for Canadian Malartic to pay any amount for loss of property value.

“We are dissatisfied with the offer that the mine has made to citizens,” says Louis Trottier. “That’s why we decided to put it in [the Supreme Court’s] hands for fair compensation.”

The Canadian Malartic mine says that it is disappointed—but not surprised—by the suit. The organization wishes to promote a peaceful coexistence between itself and local citizens, and will be releasing what it calls a “concrete and constructive” Cohabitation Guide will be on September 1 as a possible resolution.

In the meantime, meetings will be held between legal council and the affected citizens on August 8 and 15.