Dehres expanding into Canada


Dehres, a brand mentioned in the same breath as the most important names in luxury jewellery, is expanding into Canada.


A family-based business founded by Ephraim Zion in 1971, later on evolved into the founding of Dehres in 1985.  Since then, three generations of the family-run business have developed the jewellery brand into a major global supplier of large diamonds and exceptional high-end jewellery.


“There are only a few companies in the world that can offer such timeless collections of precious gems and jewellery,” says Sandy Ray, Dehres’ managing director for Canada. “We are proud to be one of these influential players.”


Renowned for creating an outstanding selection of exceptional masterpieces from classical and contemporary designs to one-of-a-kind collectibles, Dehres provides splendid pieces to the top jewellery houses of the world and believes there is room for growth in North America. “We have these collections of exquisite gems in-house, in Vancouver, and the ability to deliver them in a timely manner for our customers is important to us,” says Ray.


Having 40 years of experience serving the trade, primarily in the US, Ray will be launching the Vancouver-based office of Dehres later this month, with the help of the renowned Canadian diamantaire, Melvin Moss.  “It’s taken a while to get here, but we’re set and ready to go,” says Ray.


For more information, please contact Sandy Ray in Vancouver at 1-778-628-1815.