Diamonds rebranded to entice millennial consumers


The Diamond Producer’s Association (DPA) has launched a brand new campaign to fuel millennial interest in diamonds. With diamond sales slipping, the organization decided to change its slogan from “A diamond is forever” to “Real is rare. Real is a diamond.”


The new campaign attempts to break away from the rituals associated with diamonds—such as giving a diamond ring upon engagement—moving toward imagery of less traditional relationships.


Mother New York, the agency behind the new campaign, suggested that depicting a diamond as “forever” wouldn’t resonate with millennials, who have grown up in a time of fast-paced change.


“The opportunity exists for diamonds to represent the rare, precious, and real connections that Millennials crave,” says the DPA. “‘Real is rare’ redefines diamonds for the 21st century, giving them new meaning as a symbol to celebrate the real connections we choose to make.”


The new campaign rolled out last week, with YouTube videos, Facebook posts and tweets being posted on the subject. Deborah Marquardt, the DPA’s new chief marketing officer, notes that further digital media, social media, native media and radio promotions are to come.


Check out two of the new ads below.