How ethical and environmentally-friendly are your opals?


Broken River Mining, an Australian-run and operated company, represents the future in socially and environmentally responsible opal mining. How do your opals stack up?


Based in Queensland, Australia, Broken River Mining is home to the world’s highest quality precious opal: Queensland Boulder Opal. Boulder opal is found in ‘veins’ or ‘pockets’ in ironstone boulders, and is found only in this area of the world.


The company supplies opals directly from their mine, with standard operating procedures based on mateship, fairness, and respect for the land they mine. They are committed to environmental and social responsibility, mining small sections of land at a time and rejuvenating the land once they are done.


Founder Susan Cooper and her team are all in-house experts, using traditional techniques to find, block, cut and polish all opal gemstones and opal specimens. For more information, visit