Geoffrey Good: Redefining Fine Jewellery with Bespoke Services and Unparalleled Craftsmanship


An odyssey of self-discovery, Geoffrey Good forms jewellery as unique as each wearer.

From his early days as an apprentice on Madison Avenue to creating pieces for esteemed auction houses and red-carpet fashion, Geoffrey Good’s journey has been marked by invaluable experiences. Reflecting on codes of design for each major jewellery house, Good’s education challenged and required proficiency in each. The driving force behind Geoffrey Good’s success lies with his clients, who have continuously inspired and challenged him. Launching in-person and virtual bespoke services allows Good to collaborate with customers on a deeply personal level, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect individual stories and aspirations. Utilizing high carat gold, platinum and responsibly sourced coloured gemstones and diamonds, each custom jewel offers an opportunity to create a uniquely personal story with timeless style.

Geoffrey Good: Crafting Unique Jewellery for Unique Individuals

“Our clients become clients because we tell a story together, all of us becoming part of the context,” says Geoffrey Good. “The collaboration between myself and clients forges a bond that enriches both of us. It is a narrative that ideally just gets richer and more rewarding with time.”

The bespoke process can be likened to a journey of the spirit, both for Good and the client, where creativity and craftsmanship intertwine, giving birth to something extraordinary. In this metaphorical landscape, the jeweller becomes a guide, leading the client through unexplored territories of imagination, emotions, and desires.

Just as a traveller embarks on a quest to uncover hidden gems and ancient treasures, Geoffrey Good sets out to discover the unique essence of each client’s vision. The journey begins with heartfelt conversations, listening attentively to whispered dreams and aspirations. These dreams are like seeds, waiting to be nurtured and brought to life. Delving deeper into the desires, like an alchemist, Geoffrey Good transmutes raw emotion into gouache sketches and concepts. The palette of precious gemstones, metals, and design elements craft a vivid tapestry mirroring a client’s spirit, until a vision is developed. His Hudson, New York atelier is a sacred sanctuary, where the spirit of a piece is given form and substance. Like a poet, Geoffrey Good weaves stories with metal and stone, infusing his pieces with emotions and memories, an intricate dance between the tangible and intangible.

The Journey of Creating Geoffrey Good Bespoke Jewellery

Geoffrey Good diamond bespoke pieces include elegant Arabesque diamond earrings, featuring 194 diamonds set in 18k white gold, as well as the custom Hex diamond pendant, with over 6 cts. of diamonds in his signature geometric pave setting. For those looking to create something utilizing an extraordinary coloured gemstone, they can look to Good’s ring, featuring an elegant 7.31 ct. padparadscha set with both 18k yellow and 20k pink gold, for a piece that mirrors the contrasting orange and pink hues within the stone. His minimalist aesthetic is beautifully displayed within his star sapphire ring, and the understated, elegant Émerge Ring, which has a 2.55 ct. asscher cut diamond centre.

“I think my company stands out due to my own unique aesthetic. I’m obsessed about craftsmanship and am a strong minimalist in a field that is not known for restraint,” says Good. “Personally, I find great power in holding back and celebrating the simple power of a refined shape or single gem specimen. I lived in East Africa as a child, and the confluence of cultures in places like that has always inspired me as a designer. I like elaborate motifs, but distilling their influence into something simple and clear is what excites me.”

In the world of fine jewellery making, the bespoke process transcends the realms of art and craftsmanship. A sacred communion between creativity and spirit, the collaboration births a unique expression of beauty and soul. It is a reminder that, just like the precious metals and gemstones, our spirits too are rare and extraordinary, waiting to be discovered and cherished for the timeless treasures they are.