How Influencer Marketing Turned This 4-Employee Business Into A Multi-Million Dollar Company



Starting at the family kitchen table in 2012 with a credit card loan and a small savings account, the DTC jewelry and accessory brand has grown over 250% since its inception and is on track to do $20M in sales in 2021 despite the pandemic. Over the last few years, Victoria Emerson has built a cult-like Instagram following due largely to their partnership with Like to Style which works with over 5,000 brands, large and small, to help build shoppable content through social media and blogs. Victoria Emerson works with over 300 recurring female content creators on the platform and invests millions of dollars yearly into noteworthy drops and collections with the influential content creators.

With only 4 employees and entirely self-made, Victoria Emerson has managed to build a huge fanbase of shoppers who like to call themselves “collectors” of their signature bracelets. Their growing customer base can also be attributed to their excellent customer service, “VIP Perks”, frequent new drops, launches and weekly sales calendar.  In a short time, they have also become celebrity fan favourites seen on celebs like Jessica Alba, Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens to name a few.