Hudson’s Bay Company to Buy Luxury Retailer Neiman Marcus in $2.65B Deal


HBC Acquires Neiman Marcus for $2.65B, Amazon and Salesforce Join as Investors

Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) has announced its acquisition of luxury department store Neiman Marcus for $2.65 billion USD. The announcement comes after months of speculation regarding HBC’s interest in the high-end retailer, which operates 36 U.S. locations offering designer apparel, accessories, and housewares.

Saks Global: The New Luxury Entity
HBC plans to consolidate Neiman Marcus with its other prestigious international assets, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman, into a new entity named Saks Global. These brands will continue to operate under their current names, positioning Saks Global as a premier collection of international high-end brands. “We’re thrilled to take this step in bringing together these iconic luxury names,” said Richard Baker, HBC’s chief executive.

Hudson’s Bay itself is set to re-establish its Canadian operations as a stand-alone entity. This strategic move aims to reduce debt and increase reliance on cash, reflecting HBC’s efforts to revamp its operations. This follows the company’s closure of its home decor chain Home Outfitters in 2019 and the sale of department store chain Lord & Taylor to fashion rental subscription company Le Tote Inc. the same year.

Amazon and Salesforce Join the Deal
Retail analyst Doug Stephens highlighted the unique aspects of this acquisition, particularly Amazon and Salesforce’s involvement. “Amazon has invested a minority stake in Saks Global as part of the deal, along with software company Salesforce,” he noted. “Amazon has been trying to enter the luxury market for the past six to seven years but has struggled to make significant inroads,” Stephens said. The integration of Amazon and Salesforce is expected to enhance customer relations and brand loyalty, making the deal particularly noteworthy.

Challenges and Opportunities
Stephens also pointed out the broader challenges faced by department stores in the e-commerce era. “Department stores have struggled to perform online as businesses shift to e-commerce,” he said, emphasizing the importance of innovative strategies in navigating the evolving retail landscape.

The acquisition of Neiman Marcus by HBC represents a significant consolidation in the luxury retail market. By leveraging the strengths of Saks Global, along with Amazon’s and Salesforce’s expertise, HBC aims to create a robust platform for luxury retail growth and enhanced customer experiences.


What will happen to Neiman Marcus after the acquisition?

Neiman Marcus will be merged with HBC’s other luxury brands under a new entity named Saks Global but will continue to operate under its existing name.

How will the deal impact HBC’s operations in Canada?

HBC plans to re-establish its Canadian operations as a stand-alone entity, reducing debt and relying more on cash.
What role do Amazon and Salesforce play in this deal?

Amazon and Salesforce have invested in Saks Global, with Amazon aiming to enhance its presence in the luxury market and Salesforce expected to help with customer relations and brand loyalty.
What challenges do department stores face in the current retail landscape?

Department stores face challenges in performing online as businesses shift to e-commerce, requiring innovative strategies to stay competitive.