IAC’s 13th Annual Gold and Diamond Conference returns to NYC this July



IAC’s 13th Annual Gold and Diamond Conference returns to NYC this July, with a focus on “Maintaining Purpose,” a mission addressed by a stellar roster of participants from throughout the gold, diamond, and jewellery sectors.

The honourees for the Award for Leadership in Responsible Practice and for the Award for Extraordinary Contributions to the Diamond and Jewellery Industries will be recognized for their achievements. Participants in the jewellery supply chain are invited for dynamic panel conversations and networking with industry influencers. Maintaining Purpose, Initiatives in Art and Culture’s (IAC) 13th annual international conference on gold and diamonds, will be held in person from Monday evening July 17, 2023, through Wednesday afternoon July 19, 2023, at Bohemian National Hall in the Upper East Side. Esteemed panellists, industry leaders, jewellers, and innovators will discuss pressing issues surrounding sustainability and the realization of artistic vision. The conference will feature thought-provoking talks, insightful conversations, and engaging panel discussions aimed at shaping a responsible and transparent future for the industry. The conference kicks off with a welcoming reception at Heritage Auctions New York, located at 445 Park Avenue, with remarks by Roberta Kramer, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at Heritage.

IAC’s focus for this year’s conference is on maintaining purpose while exploring varied declarations of principle on responsible practice and cultural preservation, and how to harmonize and operationalize them. It will feature consideration of new technologies for extraction and sourcing, new mine-to-market models, and new approaches to training, and a discussion on the evolution of environmental and climate challenges. The fundamental focus explored over the course of the two and a half days will be a critical question: what constitutes luxury in an age of responsible practice? Highlighted by the participation of renowned jewellers, experts, and up-and-coming members of the trade, attendees will dive in and explore the ever-evolving world of gold and diamonds. Additionally, this year marks the launch of a collaboration with CIBJO which is jointly organizing a session with IAC. Remarking on the conference and the partnership Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri, President, World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) states, “Initiatives in Art and Culture’s annual Gold + Diamond Conference has firmly established its credentials as a critically important vantage point from which to examine jewellery and the jewellery industry as a business, cultural and artistic endeavour, within the context of contemporary society. What draws it apart is that it considers each of those elements with equal fervour, enabling us as professionals to look ahead to what will challenge us in the month and years ahead. The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) is proud to partner with IAC, collaborating with it to bring this perspective to a global audience.”

Lisa Koenigsberg, President of Initiatives in Art and Culture states, “2030 and 2050: when these target dates for achieving transformational goals were set, they seemed far off. But that future is now. IAC’s conference, ‘Maintaining Purpose,’ will feature robust discussion of the measures, methods, practices, social values, and commitments required to successfully achieve the vision set forth in declarations of principle which intentionally differ from roadmaps. IAC is grateful to the distinguished roster of authorities, industry leaders, and masterful jewellers from throughout the world who will join us for this collective consideration of both keeping the dream alive and realizing it throughout the complex and interdependent ecosystem of the jewellery world and beyond.”

IAC, in honour of its traditions and continued emphasis on taking charge of the future, will be presenting its awards for thought leadership and changemaking in the industry. The sixth annual Leadership in Responsible Practice Award honouree is jeweller,

Pippa Small. This award recognizes her transformational work in the field of ethical sourcing and responsible practices. Additionally, Satta Matturi will receive the Award for Extraordinary Contributions to the Diamond and Jewellery Industries. This award recognizes Matturi’s commitment to African design motifs and responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

Don’t miss this essential conference! Join us at the 13th Annual Gold and Diamond Conference to gain valuable insights, connect with industry leaders, and shape a responsible and transparent future for the industry.