IGI grades 3 exquisite lab grown creations for Greenlab’s sustainable project



The International Gemological Institute-IGI, graded 3 Lab-grown diamonds of 27.27carat, 20.24 carat and 15.16 carats grown at Greenlab Diamonds LLP as a part of their project toward “sustainable and affordable luxury.” With constant advancement in technology coupled with companies aiming at creating diamonds that can be both affordable yet feel opulent, is the future of next-generation buying. Greenlab’s top-notch expertise and modern techniques have truly created a benchmark, even more, surpassing their very own standards.

OM, the Marquise step cut 27.27 carat diamond was named, after the vision Greenlab has to project India to become the leading name in the lab grown arena, making OM is the WORLD’S LARGEST Lab Grown polished diamond.

NAMAH, the Pear Rose cut 15.16-carat diamond has been beautifully polished and named, flaunting its beauty to the buyer.

OM and NAMAH, together are WORLD’S LARGEST Lab Grown polished diamonds with absolutely no colour enhancement also known “AS GROWN”

Since diamonds have always been a dream for most women, SHIVAYA a 20.24-carat emerald cut diamond is exactly what a woman would dream of- perfectly shaped to exude charm and elegance.

“Lab Grown Diamonds are for everyone. Cultivating better diamonds; sustainable and affordable luxury that nurtures people and the planet,” said Sanket Patel, partner at Greenlab. “We want to display it to the world at JCK for consumers to experience the product. They will be on display at booth no. 8131 Labon LLC. Our workmanship is what makes us different from the rest and we invite our fraternity members to witness the same,” he added.

IGI is the global pioneer in the field of lab-grown diamond certification. Today, the grading institute certifies almost 85% of the world’s diamonds that are produced in the lab-grown category. “IGI has been our certifying partner from the very beginning and their advanced technology and research pursuits are commendable,” said Mr. Sanket Patel, Partner GreenLab Diamond LLP.

“We are happy to partner with Greenlab’s project for sustainably produced opulence. With IGI’s revolutionary technology onboard, it has become easier to grade lab-grown diamonds for the evolution of the lab-grown category, worldwide. We look forward to more such path-breaking pursuits considering the opportunities that are yet to be explored in this segment,” said Mr. Tehmasp Printer, President & MD, IGI India.