Imdispro and its Brands: A Beacon of Distinction for Canadian Retailers


In the bustling world of watchmaking, standing out requires not just quality but a unique story. Enter Indispro, a company born out of personal frustration and a passion for timepieces. For Canadian jewellery store owners, understanding the narrative behind Indispro and its brands can be the key to unlocking a new realm of offerings for discerning customers.

The Genesis of Indispro

Etienne Amaglio, the visionary behind Imdispro, embarked on this journey not as a business magnate but as a consumer. His personal collection of watches and the challenges he faced in finding unique pieces in North American retailers led him on a quest. A quest that took him back to Europe, where he discovered a plethora of micro-brands that were absent from the Canadian and American markets.

But it wasn’t just about discovery. It was about bringing these brands to a market that was yearning for something different. After numerous calls and relentless pursuit, a designer’s affirmation set the wheels in motion. Imdispro was born, with a mission to introduce retailers to two exceptional French brands, offering them territorial exclusivity.

Humbert-Droz: A Legacy in Watchmaking

One of the brands under Indispro’s umbrella is Humbert-Droz, a name synonymous with French watchmaking expertise. Founded in 1956 by Marcel Humbert-Droz, the company has a rich history of assembling watches for leading French brands. Four generations later, the Humbert-Droz brand stands as a testament to watchmaking passion and expertise.

Their initial collections were a nod to history, using old movements preserved by the company’s founder. These movements, like the France Ebauches FE5611 and FE141-2, are treasures for collectors. But Humbert-Droz didn’t stop there. Collaborations with renowned Swiss manufacturers have equipped their latest models with advanced calibers, such as the G100 with a 68-hour power reserve.

SYE: Redefining Watch Aesthetics

The second brand, SYE, is the brainchild of Arnaud Pézeron. His journey from a watch enthusiast to a brand founder is nothing short of inspiring. SYE, which stands for Start Your Engine, is a culmination of Pézeron’s vision and collaboration with top specialists and craftsmen.

The brand’s unique selling point is its innovative strap design, reminiscent of motorized sports. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate a natural leather strap with a modern watch. The result? A system that allows users to change straps as easily as changing tires on a Formula 1 car.

Moreover, the quality of SYE straps is unparalleled. Manufactured by Jean Rousseau in Paris, these straps are crafted from Novo Nappa leather from the renowned Haas tanneries. With over a dozen styles available, SYE straps are not just accessories; they’re collectibles.

Imdispro at Time & Shine International

Exciting news for watch enthusiasts and retailers alike! Imdispro will be exhibiting at the Time & Shine International watch and jewellery trade show in Toronto on September 19-20. This is a golden opportunity to witness Imdispro’s brands firsthand. If you are not yet registered for the event, you can do so by clicking HERE.