Kingsmen Ltd. announces two new hires


Kingsmen Limited, the North American watch and jewellery distributor, has announced two brand-new additions/hires to its team.


Silvana Juri – Ontario Sales Manager


Silvana has spent the previous 10 years working with Movado Group Canada, managing Ontario sales for licensed brands, including Hugo Boss, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and Juicy Couture. She has worked in close partnership with independents, small and large jewellery chains as well as such corporate accounts as Hugo Boss and Sporting Life.


“Silvana is a passionate, positive force that we were incredibly fortunate to add to the team,” says Leonard Isayev, the company’s CEO.


Kris Nelson – Western Canada Sales Director


“Kris’s hiring was a very exciting story, as we have spent some time working to get a partnership signed,” adds Isayev. “It took over half a year, but was worth every moment: Kris comes from a strong background, working for a great watch company for the past six years.”


Kris was previously the Senior Account Executive for Guess and Gc watches at Sequel, covering Western Canada. Isayev notes that his ability to truly care for his customers and build relationships is a perfect complement to his drive and ambition.